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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Perhaps you look at your google reader, or however you access my blog and think, "hmmm... I wonder what 'Landie's Lovelies' really are?" It is actually the name of a CD that one of my roommates gave me, however, it could also be a variety of things. I really like fashion and clothes and stuff, so I thought about talking a bit about that or showing pictures, but I am never sure if my outfits merit taking pictures of to post on the internet, so I quickly scratched that. Then I thought about my theater stuff... interesting, but I don't have anything recent because the shows I am working on are not that far along. SO.... here is the latest and greatest. I am taking a figure drawing class from the same school as my sister Merrick and this was what I drew last week. Enjoy.


  1. Wow, that's really impressive, Landen!

    And you know I would die of happiness if you would post all your outfits!

  2. I never really thought about what Landie's Lovelies were, I must admit. I think I always read it as "Landen's Ladies" and I assumed it was a blog about you and your sisters? Anyway, that's a great picture you drew; nice work.

  3. Hi - I followed you from Janssen's blog. I've been reading, but haven't yet commented. I just figured Landie's Lovelies were your designs. I'll speak for others and say we'd love to see some.

    Great drawing! You three "girls" are all so talented.

  4. I wish you weren't leaving the bridge!! Stay with me!!! But at least you went out with a bang with this awesome drawing!

  5. Hey Landen, I found your blog through our mutual friend Miss Hawkes, and I'm simply amazed. This drawing is great! I hope I can see more of your talent, if not here than when we're all back in Provo.