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Saturday, August 29, 2009

For four years I have owned a pair of silver/grey sandals. The shoes on the right were the first pair. After wearing them almost every day for two years, and cutting off most of the sole and leather on the bottom, I acquired a new pair: the second from the right. These beauties were $12 at Target in the little girls section. Then they broke too... After hot gluing them back together about 3 times, I decided it was time for a new pair. Unfortunately, you should not ever buy an expensive pair of sandals to take to a place where all they have is cobblestone... really not a good idea. Especially when the end of the shoe is a little too long and you trip every 3 steps. Literally. But I liked them, so I wore them out in London. But, after some convincing from my mom, I decided to invest in a new pair last week... Thus, the new pair on the left... The silver sandals live on!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For the Birds...

We have two cats. Both of them are my responsibility when I come home for the summer, or even for a few days. I usually relish this job because they LOVE me. I brush them and feed them and I am their best friend. Unfortunately, with this responsibility comes the ick of reality. Cockroaches in their water bowl in the garage (there were 4 this morning... ew), cones around their heads from cat fight wounds and other things.
Regrettably today I was on my way out the door to a haircut when one of our cats ran into the house with a dead bird in his mouth... I can deal with throw up, roaches and litter, but I didn't think I could do dead birds. Can you just see me standing over the dead bird with a rake in hand in heels and dress ready to fling it into the open trash bag that my mom was holding....? Yes, that was me this morning. I am going to be so prepared for motherhood...

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Have I ever told you how much I love gift cards? Well I do. When I graduated from High School, I received close to 10 gift cards of various kinds. One to Target, one to Walmart, and several to others that I have forgotten. They were glorious because unlike money that can be used anywhere, a gift card is free money to a particular store, so if you want to splurge a little, it didn't cost you a dime, and you don't feel nearly as guilty!
Until yesterday, I had held onto a gift card to Staples, because we don't have a Staples in Las Vegas, and until this summer, I didn't have a car, meaning that I never got over to one in Utah. Well, I was a little worried that they had started taking money off of it, or had canceled it, but two years after receiving it, I went to Staples and asked them how much was on the card still.... 25 free dollars... Oh the bliss! So I wandered around for close to an hour deciding how to spend this precious money. I finally settled on some black printer ink, and orange headphones. And I only paid $4.87 for them...mmmmm...

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Scarlet Pimpernel

I decided that a series of the pictures that I have drawn would be a little more interesting than a variety! So here is my final for Costume Design 2 class. This was a crunch project that turned out quite well! The Scarlet Pimpernel has become one of my favorite shows(It already was a favorite book)... that I have never seen. But, the music is amazing and the movie was great because Jane Seymour, one of the classiest and most beautiful women of all times was in it... if you haven't seen it, you should. The acting is pretty good, it is very romantic, and the costumes are gorgeous! But here is my interpretation of it for the stage.

Fops are SO much fun!
The left hand corner of the bottom of this dress was a triumph! The face however was not, but in crunch time, you take what you can get (Which clearly isn't much...)
Percy... mmmm....
Not a favorite, but mostly because I did it so fast... like 15 minutes...
My favorite of the series. Notice his lovely pants. I love them.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Costume Renderings

So, here are some costuming renderings. I can't really get the formatting quite right to add all of them, so here is a first batch, and in a few days I will give you another batch of stuff to look at.
The first, and most hideous drawing that I have ever done. I kept it so that I could see my progress. I did this when we first started drawing in my beginning Costume Design class.
I designed this costume for a short play I did in my Theater 101 class.
This was the final project for my beginning costume design class.
This was the fairy tale project that I worked on for my intermediate costuming class.
This one was a computer rendering that I did for my intermediate costuming class last winter.
There is SO much more that I could post, but there wasn't enough room... so here it is! I will keep posting my latest stuff.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Perhaps you look at your google reader, or however you access my blog and think, "hmmm... I wonder what 'Landie's Lovelies' really are?" It is actually the name of a CD that one of my roommates gave me, however, it could also be a variety of things. I really like fashion and clothes and stuff, so I thought about talking a bit about that or showing pictures, but I am never sure if my outfits merit taking pictures of to post on the internet, so I quickly scratched that. Then I thought about my theater stuff... interesting, but I don't have anything recent because the shows I am working on are not that far along. SO.... here is the latest and greatest. I am taking a figure drawing class from the same school as my sister Merrick and this was what I drew last week. Enjoy.