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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For the Birds...

We have two cats. Both of them are my responsibility when I come home for the summer, or even for a few days. I usually relish this job because they LOVE me. I brush them and feed them and I am their best friend. Unfortunately, with this responsibility comes the ick of reality. Cockroaches in their water bowl in the garage (there were 4 this morning... ew), cones around their heads from cat fight wounds and other things.
Regrettably today I was on my way out the door to a haircut when one of our cats ran into the house with a dead bird in his mouth... I can deal with throw up, roaches and litter, but I didn't think I could do dead birds. Can you just see me standing over the dead bird with a rake in hand in heels and dress ready to fling it into the open trash bag that my mom was holding....? Yes, that was me this morning. I am going to be so prepared for motherhood...


  1. Ha..Janssen seriously would have died.

  2. Haha! That's an excellent story. I used to have a cat that would place a nice juicy mouse at your bed every morning - he was a good cat.