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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Have I ever told you how much I love gift cards? Well I do. When I graduated from High School, I received close to 10 gift cards of various kinds. One to Target, one to Walmart, and several to others that I have forgotten. They were glorious because unlike money that can be used anywhere, a gift card is free money to a particular store, so if you want to splurge a little, it didn't cost you a dime, and you don't feel nearly as guilty!
Until yesterday, I had held onto a gift card to Staples, because we don't have a Staples in Las Vegas, and until this summer, I didn't have a car, meaning that I never got over to one in Utah. Well, I was a little worried that they had started taking money off of it, or had canceled it, but two years after receiving it, I went to Staples and asked them how much was on the card still.... 25 free dollars... Oh the bliss! So I wandered around for close to an hour deciding how to spend this precious money. I finally settled on some black printer ink, and orange headphones. And I only paid $4.87 for them...mmmmm...


  1. I can definitely relate to that feeling. This summer I found an old gift card to Barnes & Nobles, buried in my desk. I have to admit though, thinking about walking around staples is making me think about being back at school - all the back to school deals, spider man backpacks, and neon folders. It's exciting, but it feels like the summers just go by faster. See you in two weeks!

  2. I had a fifty dollar gift certificate to The Men's Wearhouse, so I bought a $50 shirt! I would never, ever spend that much money on one shirt- but when it's free, why not?

  3. It is nice to be the giver of gift cards too especially if you're not sure what to get a person. It may not be as personal but it is definitely more practical because they can get exactly what they want.