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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I keep feeling guilty whenever I look up at my bookmarks bar and think, "this time?" and then, "nope. Don't have time." Today I don't have time, but I figured it sounded better than homework for now, so here we go. Let me tell you a little about my vacations over the last few days, even though the people that actually look at this blog are, in fact, people who have been with me. Nevertheless, now is the time to press on because I am actually posting.

Nauvoo. A gorgeous place on a bend on the Mississippi. The highlights of that trip were: See the beautiful temple again! A trip to Carthage! Racing Crawford across the grass in front of the Visitors Center (A tradition that we HAD to keep!), and of course, the Pageant. The pageant was marvelous. Partially because it was well written and interesting, but mostly because I got to see two of my friends from BYU. It was delightful. Perhaps even tied to the greatness of the Pageant was the fudge.... mmmmhh. I LOVE the fudge from Nauvoo. Overall, a terrific trip with fantastic memories!

The Nauvoo Temple

On the Mississippi.
Me before the Pageant.

Cedar City. One of the most podunk cities in the US (only Meadow and Scipio surpassing it in podunkness), and yet with fantastic theater! We saw the musical version of the Secret Garden at the Utah Shakespearean Festival, along with Firefox (don't worry, I had never heard of it either) and Henry V! They were wonderful! It did make me miss London though....:( A little nostalgic for the National Theater.

Now I have two more weeks of school before two weeks off, and finals looming! Then before I know it, Fall will be here.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Getting Old.

Have you ever had a weird experience where suddenly you realize you are getting old?  Sometime I have these weird feelings where I realize that in the past 15 minutes I have just grown up.  Well, in two days I turn 20 and I can officially feel old.  I can back this feeling up too! I am now unable to stay up past 12 (ask my roommate, she can attest!)  I would rather spend a quiet evening at home sewing or painting instead of partying with my friends... (Lame!)  And I feel lazy if I sleep in past 7.  Definitely old.