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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Costume Renderings

So, here are some costuming renderings. I can't really get the formatting quite right to add all of them, so here is a first batch, and in a few days I will give you another batch of stuff to look at.
The first, and most hideous drawing that I have ever done. I kept it so that I could see my progress. I did this when we first started drawing in my beginning Costume Design class.
I designed this costume for a short play I did in my Theater 101 class.
This was the final project for my beginning costume design class.
This was the fairy tale project that I worked on for my intermediate costuming class.
This one was a computer rendering that I did for my intermediate costuming class last winter.
There is SO much more that I could post, but there wasn't enough room... so here it is! I will keep posting my latest stuff.


  1. it's so neat that you've kept all of these, and that you can know look back. I can only imagine what your portfolio will look like in a few years.

  2. Thank you for posting the pictures. Very good! Ooo, to be able to draw like you and Merrick. sigh. :)

  3. Pretty impressive!! I wouldn't mind wearing costumes like that!

  4. I love Rapunzels dainty hands :) I love seeing your progress!