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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Frivolities!

So, the Tate Museums are brilliant! (note:  this is not a word I typically use, however it was the most British adjective I could think of.) Mostly just the Tate Britain, but I am biased because I like realist art more than modern art. Some people do not feel this way.  For instance, while walking through the Tate Modern, I walked passed a massive blue painting with some red splootches on the bottom and a yellow jagged piece at the top.  Totally meaningless, right?  Or so I thought.  This man and his wife were staring at it and he was getting SO excited.  More excited than anyone really ought to get over a large primary colored painting, in my lame, artistically challenged opinion.  So I hear him talking to his wife, growing more and more exhilarated by the minute as he describes how the other artistic modern paintings in the room were so dreary and yet this painting, this painting was full of life and color!  I think I missed something... hmm... Maybe next time the primary colors will speak to me... Not likely ( sorry Merrick;).  

Also, Camden Market is just about the craziest place I have ever been to!  One of the guys on our trip had been telling me about how Gothic it was.  I ought to have taken him more literally.  As we neared the Camden Tube Stop, black leather and studs became more and more common as did piercings in every part of the face imaginable ( including the cheeks, which is something I have never seen before... ew)  and ripped fishnets...  Some of the shops and stalls had really neat things in them, but mostly they were filled with weird t-shirts, and combat boots... Not so much my style.  However, it was a really exciting place:)  

Harrods.  Wow.  Need I say more?  Well, I will anyway.  You walk up the street and a building that looks like it belongs in St. Petersburg, Russia rises out of nowhere.  Huge, gold and AMAZING!  Yes, it is Harrods.  Pass the fur protesters and enter a shoppers paradise.  Walk through the perfume, watch, jewel and purse sections.  You reach the food court with amazing looking bakeries, gelato, Jelly beans and other fun.  Continue on and get a little lost in the shoe section where you can find every kind you could possibly want from Chloe, to Dior.  Next, wander aimlessly through the INCREDIBLE evening gown and wedding dress section where practically everything has a six digit numbered tag on it (yes, that is in pounds...).  You continue on into a Mac heaven, then an antique section, an entire book store, a furniture and home decorating section that stretches as far as you can see, and to finish it off, you ride the escalators down past a life opera singer, singing "Time to Say Goodbye."  Sound like fun?  Oh it was:)  And I was only in there for an hour!  

Do I like London?  Um, a resounding YES!!! 


  1. It's okay...not everyone can love a good piece of modern art like I do :) But I didn't love them until I learned about them.

    Mom will forever hate Picasso, but I will forever love him.