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Friday, May 15, 2009

"Practically Perfect in Every Way"

10 fantastic things about London

1)  It is London.  (aka: Pretty much the coolest city ever.) 
2) There is always something to do (touring, shopping, museums, library, theater...ect) 
3) They have the most amazing chocolate!  
4)  The tube goes EVERYWHERE (literally.  Jump on it, and everything is just a few stops away) 
5)  They have gorgeous public parks with lakes, and statues and tons of lovely little walks. And, sometimes people ride horses through the park!  
6)  They have amazing history that is presented in free Museums all over the city.  (Free has become one of my favorite words over here:)  
7)  They like to keep old things and make them work with technology ( you know, the old mixing with the new, and all that...) 
8) So many people dress nicely here!  There is very little 'jeans and a t-shirt' action going on over here!  It is such a source of inspiration (slightly sarcastic and yet not)!   
9) The theater here is really neat and very experimental!  So many amazing productions here!  
10)  Anywhere downtown is filled with cool little streets, amazing sights (old and new).  
11)  The accents;)
It is an INCREDIBLE CITY!!!!  

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  1. LOVELY! I can't wait. I loved your description of your run around Hyde Park in your last post. It all sounds enchanting.