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Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Me, preparing for fittings
This is the gypsy who has been in prison for a few months

A few months back, I got asked to design the costume for a Provo Production of Frankenstein. I said 'great', and have been working on it ever since! It has been quite the endeavor, because the place we are getting costumes doesn't have a whole lot to choose from... lame, however it has been adventurous trying to get clothing from other periods to look like it belongs in the 1850's! I have also had a fun time figuring out how to distress the creature's clothing in order that he looks like he has been running around in the woods for almost a year... So yesterday I went out and bought some black tea and fake moss, and am in the process of distressing polyester... it is SO much harder than you would think... Polyester is practically indestructible, so through the use of some sand paper and a sharp knife, I am starting to get somewhere. Here is the beginnings of what will be a disgusting shirt:) Dirt, and some black tea!


  1. Is this the pink shirt that you did the die feathers on? Very cute!


  2. Even the face in that second picture makes her look like she's been locked up for months! Tea? Who would have thought... Not me.

  3. I want to come help that what you wanted my help with?? Call me..maybe we'll stop playing phone tag one of these days..

  4. You "done good" gathering aging materials. Tea and coffee make wonderful dyes, too.

    I did a double take when I saw your picture. I just showed your picture to my daughter. You and she have the exact same glasses frames. She said you have good taste! :)