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Monday, December 14, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Library Sensors... Oh My!

Okay, so the title is a little lame, as is the topic, but I was thinking about this earlier and wanted to vocalize it. Is there anything that you cringe doing? Like breaking up with someone, telling someone that their skirt is riding up because of their tights or backpack, or telling someone that they have a huge blob of something on their face right after eating? Such an awful feeling. That is the feeling that I get when I walk through the big, white, plastic book sensors at the library. Every time I walk in or out of the library I cringe just slightly, fearful that I will be the terrible soul to set the alarm off. A few weeks ago I had gotten some books and looked over them at home, and was going to use one of them while writing a paper in the library. As I walked through the sensors on my way in, the alarm went off. I wondered why it had gone off, so I took the book out and gave it to the security person at the front. He looked it up, and somehow I had gotten out of the library without checking it out. It wasn't really a problem, but I was so shocked that the sensor had not gone off when I had left. All the paranoia, and the one time when I actually didn't check the book out, the sensor didn't go off! It was an outrage!
So, today, I checked out another book and the sensor went off! I knew I had checked it out and began explaining quickly, while slightly embarrassed, to the girl that I was certain that I had checked it out. She checked and said, "That's fine," let me walk through again and I left... was that really so hard?


  1. I love you, Landen. You are just too awesome for words.

  2. I have that same fear. It's one of the reasons I like the Paseo Verde library -- no sensor!

  3. I used to work in the library at Ricks (yes I am that old!). After watching countless people get beeped after legitimately checking out a book I'm always fearful of that! I've finally stopped cringing at grocery stores though!

  4. My ID card never works when I check books out. They always ask me, "Are you SURE you are a student here?" Everytime baby.