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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Actor problems

Last night, I had the joy of completing 4 of my required 10 makeup class lab hours. This meant sitting and listening to 3 hours of Children of Eden, washing beard hair ( don't worry, it wasn't attached to anyone, it was in preparation for Makeup class on Monday when 20 girls will all have beards and mustaches), and watching tons of actors put makeup on. This was a rather interesting experience. I feel like I have fairly good grasp on actors mentalities and other things, but I definitely had a few new experiences last night.

First off, one guy in the cast refuses to wear anything but MAC makeup (Don't worry, only onstage)... I didn't know guys cared that much... apparently some guys in theater do. I also discovered that one girl in our cast sings just like Judy Garland. It was really quite awesome! Also I got sassed by a member of the cast, and I am finally learning to dish it out as quickly as it comes... Mostly because otherwise I feel like a doormat by the end of the night from all those jazz shoes trampling all over me.

However, the choice moment of the evening was this: we had an adjudicator come last night ( for those of you who have no idea what that is, lemme splain. An adjudicator is someone who is knowledgeable in the theater and observes the show and then gives criticism and encouragement on the design choices in lighting, costumes, sound, props and scenic.). We were talking to him about some of the costumes choices which were made and telling him how the biblical costumes were supposed to show their basic costumes underneath in order to remind the audience that the biblical costumes were just symbolic and that underneath, every member of the cast was equal and just like you and me. Then the adjudicator said, "Well that wasn't the only thing that was open on _________ ( actor's name and character are omitted). He had something open on the lower half too. " Turns out said actor forgot to zip up a certain necessity... I told the adjudicator that that was not a costume problem... that was an actor problem.


  1. I was at that show last night and, for some reason, I'm glad I wasn't as observant as the adjudicator. I really liked the costuming though, really neat idea, and the singing was incredible - that last piece made the whole show. A strange little mix between Genesis and post-modernism, but all in all, fun show. And well done on not taking any sass.

  2. Oh the joys of being in costume design, huh? Thanks for letting me know how I know Richie, by the way.

  3. I don't like hearing that the actors aren't respecting you. Tell them your cousin will come beat them up if they aren't nice.