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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Getting Old.

Have you ever had a weird experience where suddenly you realize you are getting old?  Sometime I have these weird feelings where I realize that in the past 15 minutes I have just grown up.  Well, in two days I turn 20 and I can officially feel old.  I can back this feeling up too! I am now unable to stay up past 12 (ask my roommate, she can attest!)  I would rather spend a quiet evening at home sewing or painting instead of partying with my friends... (Lame!)  And I feel lazy if I sleep in past 7.  Definitely old.  


  1. Don't'll feel better about getting old when you have a pile of presents to open :)

  2. What was the weird experience that made you feel old? Was it taking that funny picture with your roommate? He definitely doesn't look very old. You should hang out at a Senior Center and then you will feel young and full of life!